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For capital and long-term investment in sustainable infrastructures and early state projects, trust Diamond Stripes. We partner with leading businesses and provides them with financial and operational support to achieve market leadership and growth. Our unbeatable value to investors and society is evident by our investments in high-potential industries such as renewable energy, technology, and healthcare.

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Our structured services platform allows our clients to focus on their own business operations, knowing that Diamond Stripes’ team of experts is taking care of all the investment details.

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Our Record

Our impecable record speaks volumes

Our record speaks. Since 2013 to date, Diamond Stripes Ltd. has been heavily invested in several projects and investments. Through its Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and in collaboration with strategic partners, Diamond Stripes has made significant investments in various sectors. Notable SPVs owned by Diamond Stripes include Pan-African Global Infrastructure Company Limited, Universal Elysium Consortium Limited, Agro Universal Elysium Limited, Nasarawa Transport Company Limited, and Isabel Technologies Nig Limited. Here are a few milestone achievements..

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Power & Renewable Energy

  • 2013 – Acquisition of 600MW Shiroro Hydroelectric Power plant.
  • 2019 – Concessions of 30MW Gurara Hydroelectric Power Plant.
  • 2021 – Establishment of 300MW Shiroro solar power project
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Port Sector

  • 2018 – Concession of Onitisha River port.
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Agricultural Sector

  • 2018 – Concession of eight Silo complexes in Nigeria (Akure, Bauchi, Ekiti, Ikenne, Jos, Kano, Ogoja, Sokoto)
600MW Shiroro Hydroelectric Power Plant
Acquisition of 600MW Shiroro Hydroelectric Power Plant
30MW Gurara Hydroelectric Power Plant
Concession of 30MW Gurara Hydroelectric Power Plant
Onitsha River Port
Concession of Onitsha River Port
2 of 8 silo complexes in Nigeria
Concession of eight silo complexes in Nigeria
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Our Goals

Partnering for Sustainable Growth

Diamond Stripes Limited (Diamond Stripes) is a dynamic and forward-thinking investment company specializing in sustainable infrastructure and early-stage projects.

Our Vision

To be the premier investment partner for our clients by providing innovative solutions and propelling them toward market leadership and fostering economic prosperity through sustainable growth.

Our Mission

To deliver sustainable value by:
  1. Uncovering promising new investment opportunities.
  2. Cultivating strategic partnerships with exceptional leadership teams.
  3. Injecting targeted financial resources and operational expertise to fuel growth.
  4. Championing ESG principles and responsible business practices.
  5. Generating attractive returns for our investors while positively impacting society.
Our Team

Meet our Formidable Workforce

Diamond Stripes is made up of an experienced and passionate team of seasoned investment professionals with deep industry knowledge and proven track records in identifying and nurturing high-growth businesses.

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Prof. George Nwangwu
Managing Director / CEO
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Dr. Ifeyinwa Nwangwu
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Toiyobong Osuji
Head, Legal Services
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Austin Onele
Finance & Investment Officer
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Gift Nzei
Head, Admin & HR
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Seremun Ubwa
Chief Innovation Officer